Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 26 April 2019

Business Extra podcast: ADCB merger would shake up banking sector

We also look at the latest changes in the oil industry and the collapsing Turkish economy in this week's episode.
The new banking group will carry the ADCB identity and will continue to benefit from strong institutional backing, through the government of Abu Dhabi’s majority ownership. Bloomberg

A potential merger between Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Union National Bank and Al Hilal would create one of the region's largest lenders. The news has already had positive effects on UNB's share prices, a sign that a merger would be a welcome change to the banking sector.

Host Mustafa Alrawi discuss the potential merger and more with Chris Nelson in this week's episode of the Business Extra podcast. Listen here:

Also in this episode:

  • Oil prices have rallied of late. Energy correspondent Jennifer Gnana tells us why, and gives us the latest news on the Saudi-Aramco IPO.
  • Turkey's currency crisis shows no signs of improving. Investors are already weary of the market. How else will this effect the region?
  • And we assess Dyson's plans to enter the electric-vehicle game.

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Updated: September 6, 2018 07:37 AM