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Kalashnikov's new electric car isn't the weirdest motoring collaboration

From an experimental DJ/producer to a famous hot-sauce brand, cross-pollination is nothing new in the automotive world

Probably the strangest car announcement of the year is Russian company Kalashnikov throwing its hat into the ring as an automotive manufacturer, with an electric car it sees as a rival to Tesla.

Elon Musk probably isn't quaking in his boots just yet, considering the CV-1 is so far only a concept that rather resembles an armoured Lada.

The Kalashnikov CV-1 concept electric car in Moscow. AFP

But it has certainly raised eyebrows considering that the company is best known for manufacturing machine guns used to kill untold people around the world, rather than any attempts to save the planet via green motoring.

Kalashnikov certainly isn't the first unexpected outfit to involve itself in car production, however, with history littered with odd collaborations and unexpected, sometimes inexplicable, cross-pollination.

Scroll through our gallery above to see a selection of the weirdest.


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