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Personality test: Huda Beauty seeks ‘overachievers’

The Overachiever Concealer contest will enable three people to share their story with the world through beauty mogul Huda Kattan’s social-media channels
handout photos of video bloger or vlogger for an A&L story by Jess Hill. June 2015. This is Huda Kattan, make up artist. CREDIT: Courtesy Huda Kattan *** Local Caption *** 15.2.19.HudaKattan45340.jpg

With more than 27 million followers, Huda Kattan has been named the richest influencer on Instagram for two years in a row.

The award-winning blogger and beauty mogul is now inviting her fans from all over the world to participate in the Overachiever Concealer competition.

Named after the brand’s multi-shade product range, the contest requires participants to upload a post to Instagram using the hashtag #hudabeautyoverachiever and explain the traits that qualify them as overachievers. People can also nominate their friends.

The competition closes today, September 9, at 11.59pm, and participants are advised to make their Instagram pages public until September 12.

“We want to celebrate all the overachievers out there, whether you’re a mum, a student, an entrepreneur or you’ve just achieved something truly remarkable – we want you to be part of the campaign,’’ Kattan says on her Instagram channel.

The three winners will be flown to Dubai to meet the Huda Beauty team, and given a chance to share their stories with the world through the campaign.

Do you have an overachieving personality?

Overachievers are said to display a combination of at least some of the following traits: they are perfectionists and multitaskers, with admirable organisation skills and are future-focused at all times. They don’t handle failure well, but are often smart enough not to embark on a project or career path that is unlikely to succeed in the first place.

Ironically, they play down their accomplishments for fear that they may not meet the same high level of expectations in the future – although we would steer clear of this inclination if you’re participating in Huda Beauty’s Overachiever Concealer competition.


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Updated: September 9, 2018 03:05 PM