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Abu Dhabi to hold international conference on cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Over 1,000 international academics will be in the country to discuss ways to reduce carbon emissions
John Gale (left), general manager of the International Energy Agency's programme, and Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, executive vice-president of Khalifa University. Reem Mohammed / The National

An international conference on technologies to control greenhouse gas emissions will be held in Abu Dhabi in 2020, giving researchers the opportunity to develop global collaborations.

Abu Dhabi is a world leader in controlling greenhouse gas emissions as it has the world’s first carbon capture, utilisation and storage unit, which removes the carbon emissions from a steel plant and injects the carbon dioxide in to the ground to enhance the recovery of oil.

The conference travels to different destinations but has never been hosted in the Middle East.

Over 1,000 researchers and academics from around 30 countries will be at the conference in 2020.

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, executive vice-president at Khalifa University and John Gale, general manager of the International Energy Agency's Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, signed a memorandum of understanding to host the event on Tuesday.

“This conference will bring people who specialise in this area to Abu Dhabi to exchange information and build collaborations," said Mr Gale.

The organisers said they picked Abu Dhabi to host the conference because of the growth potential in the region.

According to Climate Action Tracker, an independent scientific analysis body, the UAE’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 will have increased by 50 per cent compared to its 2010 levels.

Dr Mohammed Abu Zahra, associate professor of Chemical Engineering at Khalifa University, will chair the conference.

"Being the host will make Abu Dhabi a hub for CCUS technologies in the region. We will invite researchers to come to us. After this, we hope to see more projects coming in," said Dr Zahra.

"Khalifa University is leading in research related to carbon capture, utilisation, and storage. We have teams in chemical engineering and we are developing processes and materials and technologies to cut down on emission."

The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies conference is organised every two years and is one of the world’s largest gatherings on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.

The conference has previously been held in Japan, Switzerland, US, Australia, Canada, and Norway.


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