Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 4 June 2020

Dubai installs tyre pressure monitoring system for city buses

Blown tyres are a common cause of crashes in the UAE
City buses will have their tyre pressure monitored by a new automated system. Courtesy RTA

Dubai's city buses will be tested with an automated system, that monitors tyre pressure, in an effort to decrease faults and cases of blown tyres.

The Roads and Transport Authority said it installed the system at Jebel Ali Station over the summer and it helped decrease bus faults by more than half between May and July.

The automated monitoring system measures tyre pressure and tread. Blown tyres are a common cause of crashes in the UAE, particular in summer when high temperatures cause the tyres to expand.

Speeding can increase the risk by causing more friction and heat.

“Using this smart system in testing and assessing the condition of bus tyres will cut down potential cancellation of trips due to faults on road, and enhance the overall bus road safety,” said Abdullah Al Mazmi, the agency’s director of Maintenance and Services, in a statement. “It will also reduce fuel consumption by maintaining the required tyre air pressure all the time and elongate the lifespan of tyres.”

Bus faults on the road decreased by 58 per cent from May to July 2019 compared the same period last year.

Updated: October 21, 2019 05:40 PM