Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 July 2019


UAE weather: Chance of mist and fog in some areas

Haziness around the country is likely to last into the weekend
The outlook will likely be the same for several days. Antonie Robertson / The National

Abu Dhabi and Dubai woke up to hazy and cloudy conditions, which are likely to continue into the weekend.

The humidity is set to rise at night and in the early hours of the day with some areas seeing mist or fog.

This morning, the temperature in Abu Dhabi was 30C and that in Dubai was 31C. Humidity was at 48 per cent in Abu Dhabi and at 51 per cent in Dubai.

Humidity is set to reach 80 per cent in coastal areas today, 75 per cent in internal areas and 65 per cent in mountainous zones.

Moderate sea conditions are expected in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman today.

According to The National Centre for Meteorology coastal areas will see a temperature range of 27°C to 44°C, internal areas of 26°C to 45°C and mountainous zones will see a range of 24°C to 36°C.


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