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Worker stabs friend to death in drunken row

Fight broke out after victim threw defendant's clothes off a balcony, court hears

A construction worker has denied intentionally stabbing his friend to death claiming he was drunk at the time.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the defendant and victim met at their accommodation block to share a drink late one night in March.

According to witnesses, the men, both from India, began arguing after the deceased threw the defendant’s clothes off a balcony.

The row then escalated when the victim hit the defendant over the head with a frying pan and the defendant responded by stabbing him multiple times.

“He (the victim) was joking and laughing as he threw away the clothes but the defendant became upset and both of them started arguing,” one witness told the hearing.

“We were both drunk and he attacked me first,” the accused, 37, claimed in his defence.

Prosecutors said the fatal incident happened on March 30 this year as the victim, 40, and a mutual friend went to visit the defendant.

The three men sat on a balcony together at a workers’ accommodation block in Al Muhaisnah before the fight broke out at around 1am.

Witnesses who heard the fracas rushed to inform the building’s supervisor who contacted police.

Investigators said CCTV footage later showed the defendant hiding a knife under his shirt and then throwing it away in a wash room.

“Witnesses said that the deceased hit the defendant on the head with a frying pan after which he pulled out the knife and stabbed him,” a policeman told the court.

During questioning, the defendant insisted that he had not meant to kill his friend. A forensic expert said a single stab wound to the heart had proved the fatal blow.

The case was adjourned until October 7.

Updated: September 9, 2018 05:33 PM